Golf Babes#6 Diora Baird 2

Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Actress/Model Diora Baird's another stunning photo holding a golf club

This is one of her picture from maxim magazine (also Golf Babes#2 Diora Baird) that looks very sexy.

In this weekly post, you can see pictures of gorgeous girls and sexy girls that has anything to do with golf like golf outfits, with golf equipments, sexy pose, female celebrity playing golf and yes even the pro female golfers around the world, all these mentioned pictures are all entitled to be in Golf Pin ups weekly Golf Babes.

Golf Babes#5 Sophie Sandolo

Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Discount golf equipment

Stunningly sexy Pro female golfer and a sexy model Sophie Sandolo

Shes definitely an angel in disguise that can beat you guys on a game of golf

In this weekly post, you can see pictures of gorgeous girls and sexy girls that has anything to do with golf like golf outfits, with golf equipments, sexy pose, female celebrity playing golf and yes even the pro female golfers around the world, all these mentioned pictures are all entitled to be in Golf Pin ups weekly Golf Babes.

Womens stylish golf attire

Sunday, December 20, 2009

discount golf equipmentGolf is one sport that can be collaborated with the word fashion. Just like any celebrities, golf fans eyes are on a watch on pro golfers stylish outfits especially from female pro golfers. This means having a fashion sense in playing golf is fairly appreciated by the fans and by many people around the world for both pro and amateur golf. You can get a nice golf outfits and discount golf equipment in an online shop like Affordable golf UK where you can find authentic and quality golf items and apparels and here are some stylish golf items for women.

Benross Ladies MAX 4 Stretch Suit
discount golf equipmentConstructed from 4 way stretch Nylon and Spandex fabric to deliver lightweight, unrestricted freedom of movement. This contemporary range combines great styling and colouring that are perfect for the modern lady golfer.

ProQuip Liberty Ladies Waterproof Trouser

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This stylish trouser is waterproof, lightweight and soft .The quiet outer fabric has a luxurious matt finish. The trouser has a flat front and side fastening and perfect for a stylish game of golf anytime.

Bite Inspire Ladies Golf Shoes

discount golf equipmentBe inspired to play your best. The lightest shoe in golf within a classic, yet contemporary saddle. Revolutionary Cirrus outsole mold process reduces outsole weight and solid construction supports the foot and provides proper cushioning. Your feet have never looked better.

Wilson Staff Luxe Ladies Visor

discount golf equipmentThis stylish visor fits all sizes and looks stylish and sporty.

Golf Babes#4 - Blair O’Neal

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Cheap golf balls

One of the hottest female professional golfer Blair O’Neal

She is one reason why people who does not even like golf became a golf fanatic in less than 1 min

In this weekly post, you can see pictures of gorgeous girls and sexy girls that has anything to do with golf like golf outfits, with golf equipments, sexy pose, female celebrity playing golf and yes even the pro female golfers around the world, all these mentioned pictures are all entitled to be in Golf Pin ups weekly Golf Babes.

Golf tips 101 - Getting more distance

Sunday, December 6, 2009

golf clubsJust like any other sports, golf also requires a power shot or a shot that will go for more distance. Getting more distance from from a golf swing does not only require the right golf clubs but also the right timing and posture.

golf clubs

You can get more distance on your swing maximizing coil and keep body relaxed with
a light grip. At address, keep most of your weight on right foot. Widen your stance, with toes pointed out. Tee ball high and hit it with an ascending blow. Use a strong grip and light grip pressure. Waggle to relax muscles and rehearse hinging of
right wrist. Make a wide arc and strive for maximum extension. Maximize coil and get left shoulder and hip behind ball on backswing.

To maximize coil, don’t lift left foot on backswing. Hinge wrists fully at top of backswing. Be sure to complete the backswing to put the club in the right position.
Don’t let your left arm bend at the top of the backswing. Start your downswing by pointing the butt end of the club toward the
ball. Relax arms, make a shallow approach, delay turning of shoulders
on downswing, let arms extend and pull shoulders into finish. Accelerate the club slowly on downswing. Rotate shaft through impact.

Try to generate maximum clubhead speed when the clubhead passes the ball, not at or before impact.Keep head and upper body behind ball throughout swing. Try to keep your right heel on the ground longer on downswing to help keep your body back. Hit the ball on the upswing. Throughout the swing, the only pressure point in your grip should be
at the point where the lower pad of your right thumb meets the
knuckle of your left thumb. This steps should help you to get more distance when you need a power shot in playing golf.

The best golf clubs - How to choose the right one

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In choosing the best possible golf clubs for your self, there is a wide range of golf equipments manufacturers that produces top of the line quality golf equipments and these are some among many trusted brands; Wilson ,Bay Hill, Ben Sayers, Hippo, Lynx, SeeMore, Ram, Yes Golf,,Adams, Stylo, Stuburt, Cotswold and Dunlop are all excellent name brand golf clubs. As a beginning or even a professional golfer, trying to decide which set of golf clubs to purchase, however, may often feel like taking a shot in the dark. In a society that is increasing name brand conscious, many of us are tempted to simply buy what everyone else seems to be buying. Selecting the proper golf clubs, however, is something that you shouldn't do without having a good idea of what types are available and what the specific use of each club is. Using the proper golf club can and will greatly improve your game. Other important things to consider are choosing the right lie and the right shaft flex. The flexibility of the shaft of the club is known as the bend or flex. If you're a powerful swinger, you'll have more control with less bend. Beginners and less powerful swingers are better off with more flexibility.

If you're new to the game of golf, the first thing you need is a basic set of golf clubs. A basic set will include irons, putters, wedges and drivers, and even though most non golfers don't believe it, each type of club is designed to improve the speed of your swing and will help you correct faults in your game. Using the right type of golf club is essential and will make the learning process quicker and easier. The first thing to consider when choosing a set of golf clubs is your basic ability level. There are basically three ability levels including: low handicaps, mid handicaps and high handicaps.

If you're a low-handicap golfer, you generally score less than ten strokes over par. Low-handicap golfers should carry at least one fairway wood and a driver as well as lower irons, and at least 3 wedges, a pitching wedge, sand wedge and either a lob wedge or approach wedge. A mid-handicap golfer in the 11-20 handicap range should add a 7-wood or even a 9-wood to their bag. The fairway woods will provide much better control and consistency than the long irons. Mid-handicap golfers should stick to the 3 and 9-irons and the same wedges recommended above. High-handicap golfers are either new to the game or just haven't mastered the basics and usually shoots over 100. It's highly suggested that high-handicap golfers use the 3-wood for the tee off and add in the 7 and 9-woods. The same wedges would apply that are suggested for the low and mid-handicap golfers.

Today, common concensus is that the most important club you can have in your golf bag is a hybrid. Many golfers have used this club to replace the three-iron. Tour players are even switching to this club.

Drivers and woods are probably the most important clubs in the bag and everybody loves them. Mainly used for longer shots, drivers are usually the first club out of the bag on the tee. Some advanced golfers, however, may decide to use a driver off the fairway is they need a little extra distance.

Fairway woods are usually considered the most reliable golf club and seem to be a favorite because they tend to make you look better than you really are. This is a club that is evolving slowly but should definitely have a place in your bag. A fairway wood usually improves a golfer's accuracy and allows him to loft the ball higher.

The iron is a club that is definitely riding on the edge of technology and suprisingly enough is getting less expensive. While this club isn't perfect yet, it's getting there, and most players should be using game improvement irons. These irons stress perimeter weighting, forgiveness and higher trajectory.

Finally, the putter is a club that has certainly gone high tech and some of the newer Super Mallets look like they belong in Science Fiction movies. Thankfully, though the traditional putters are still performing well and remain favorites.

Golf tips 101 - What you should know about golf

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The things that you need to know about golf after knowing what kind of golf clubs to use and finding the right discount golf equipment is how to play the game. There are many different kinds of golf tips and techniques from both amateur and professional golf players and these are some golf tips that you should know first before playing.

What is the easiest shot in golf that all beginners can properly execute? It's the "gimme" putt. As the distance between the cup and the ball becomes greater, the tougher it is to make a shot.

Start Small.

Beginning with this idea in mind, you will see that when honing your golf skills it makes sense to start with smaller swings, then build up to the full swing. This is the reason why a person just learning the sport will learn and teach the body the correct motions in developing an accurate and powerful swing by starting with the short swing. Trying to learn the full swing first makes it much more difficult to learn the correct muscle coordination that the full swing requires.

Learning to hit for distance and then accuracy is putting the cart before the horse. It works the other way around. Ultimately, accuracy will create distance.

Often the difference between a strong, powerful swing and a misguided hack is the tendency to hit, rather than stroke, the ball. The difference can be seen when examining a short putt, when it is easy to stroke the ball. Hitting is not an option for a short putt, which makes it the easiest shot in golf. No desire to hit the ball allows a stroking, swinging motion. Perfect this technique for short-distance shots and you will find increasing accuracy and distance with your long shots as well.

Now, after hitting the shot, you must read it correctly. You must be in a balanced finish to read it properly, so you can check your alignment in case the shot is off line. As you stand in a perfectly balanced finish and watch your ball, ask yourself: how does my balance feel, how was the brush, how was the path, was the clubface in the correct position, and did I hit it in the center of the clubface? Then, either focus more on what is missing, or play it and go fix it after the round. You will only be able to accomplish 8 to 10 perfect shots per round, so be mentally prepared!